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Kids can volunteer too! MundeleinAYSO has an outstanding group of youth volunteers who help out as Youth Referees for Core league games, and as Buddies in the EPIC/Special Needs program

Volunteering is a great way for kids to give back to their community, develop leadership skills, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the game. We are always looking to grow the number of youth volunteers in our region and we welcome new volunteers to sign up. Parents should follow the instructions below to add a youth volunteer to the parent's account.

A volunteer application must be submitted by a parent or guardian annually, and position-specific training must be completed by the youth volunteer before they may become active in their chosen volunteer role. No background check is submitted for youth volunteers under the age of 18. Youth volunteers must be at least 12 years old. Volunteers 18 and older must complete an adult volunteer registration.

When the youth volunteer application is complete, the AYSO training courses can be accessed on the AYSOU learning resources website, by logging in with the youth volunteer's unique username and password. Completed courses will then be assigned to the youth referee's volunteer certifications in their volunteer account. 


Parents Complete Steps 1-8.

Step 1: Log into your parent account and click on the Volunteer tile from your My Account page. (Use a computer or laptop to complete the volunteer application, do not use a mobile device. The application includes an electronic signature component, which is not mobile-friendly and will cause your application to not submit.)

Step 2: Click Find Volunteer Roles.

Step 3:Click on Show More to access the full list of programs. Select the Volunteer Registration program and click View Available Positions.

Step 4: Sign Up for the Youth Referee or EPIC Buddy role and click Continue.

Step 5: Select to Sign Up a Family Member.

Step 6: Fill in the youth volunteer's information in the Position Information form. Make sure to enter an email address that is different from the parent's. To avoid problems with creating the youth volunteer's unique account login in a later step, it is best to enter the youth's email address in the volunteer application.

Step 7: Click the button to eSign Form. Read, agree to, and electronically sign the volunteer waiver form as the parent or legal guardian of the youth volunteer.


Step 8: An invitation will be sent to the youth volunteer's email with a link to create a new login for their youth volunteer account.

Youth Volunteers Complete Steps 9-12

Step 9: Go to the youth volunteer's email to accept the invitation and create a unique username and password for your new youth volunteer account. 

Step 10: Log into your volunteer account and click on the Volunteer tile.

Step 11: Click on the Details button under your volunteer role. Scroll to the bottom of the Position Info form and click Update. This will activate your volunteer login for the AYSOU learning resources website where you will complete your training.

Step 12: You are now ready to complete the volunteer training on the AYSOU learning resources website. Log into AYSOU using the same username and password as for your volunteer account. 

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