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10U & Up

Diamond Lake Sports Complex
26630 IL-83, Mundelein, IL 60060

4U - Playground, 5U - Schoolyard, 6U - Kindergarten, 8U - 1st/2nd Grade & EPIC

Keith Mione Community Park
1401 N Midlothian Rd, Mundelein, IL 60060

Uniforms & Equipment

  • We provide each player with a jersey, black shorts and soccer socks.
  • All players must wear shin guards and soccer socks large enough to cover the shinguards. Reminder: Shinguards go directly on leg, then sock, then shoe :)
  • No jewelry (including earrings), no casts (even soft ones). No taping or band-aids over earrings. If a player has their ears pierced and will not remove their earrings, they will be unable to play. No refunds will be made for refusal to remove earrings.
  • We encourage each player to bring their own ball, water bottle to all practices and games. Unless instructed differently by their coach.
  •  Soccer cleats are optional for Playground and Schoolyard programs.
  • Soccer cleats are mandatory for all other divisions. Please be sure that the cleats are specifically made for soccer, without a toe spur, as are used for football or baseball.
  • Soccer Ball Sizes
    • 4U - 8U (Playground, Schoolyard, Kindergarten & 1st/2nd graders) - Size 3
    • 10U & 12U - Size 4
    • 14U & Up - Size 5

Team & Region Communication

MundeleinAYSO uses the GameChanger app for scheduling and team communication. Click on this link for additional instructions on How to Use GameChanger


Visit, Schedules or refer to your GameChanger app once the roster and teams have been posted.
Schedules can be posted two weeks before season starts.

Days & Times of Play

9am Saturdays at Community Park
4U | Playground
6U | Kindergarten Girls
6U | Kindergarten Boys
8U | 1st/2nd Grade Girls

10:30am Saturdays at Community Park
5U | Schoolyard
8U | 1st/2nd Grade Boys  

12-2pm Saturdays at Diamond Lake Sports Complex or away
10U Girls

12-4pm Sundays at Diamond Lake Sports Complex or away
10U Boys
12U Coed
14U Coed
14U Girls
16/19U (Girls in Fall, Boys in Spring)

Practice days and times are scheduled by each coach

Contact Us


AYSO Region 372, PO Box 783
Mundelein, Illinois 60060

Email Us: [email protected]